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Infant Balls of Battered Yogurt seeking new homes!

Named by her carer, Jemma.
.This is Lucy Ball, named by her carer Jemma. Lucy was abandoned by her natural parent (we believe, a local dairy product) in June 2012. We've put an estimated date of birth as 26th June 2010. Her birth sign, sun sign is that of Cancer, she is a home maker. Her best match would be a Capricorn being the total opposite of her sign. Lucy is full of love and needs caring for. She has a creamy inside and crispy sweet outer shell that needs breaking into. Can you take her in?

Adopt Lucy for only a quid!

Named by her carer, Nicole
This little tyke is Amelia. She was abandoned by her former foster parents and Olympic Fish Bar took her in. We know she was born on the 4th of September, 2011 and is a Virgo. She is very analytical, modest and works towards perfection. It is thought she may have been addicted to straw surfing, hence her inability to part with the straw in the picture but with time, love and care, its thought she will forget about the past and become a loving family member.

Adopt Amelia for only a quid!

Named by his carer, Ray
This is Famous Freddie as seen on TV and having featured on BBC Radio 2's Ken Bruce show. Freddie will also be a feature of the Northants Evening Telegraph before Christmas 2013.

Adopt Freddie for only a quid!

More infant battered balls of yogurt in need of adoption coming soon!

More infant battered balls of yogurt in need of adoption coming soon!

Olympic Fish Bar, Wellingborough's Adoption Agency strives hard to find new, loving homes for abandoned balls of battered yogurt.
Upon adoption, the new keeper of the ball receives not only the ball of yogurt but an adoption certificate
to proudly display to all who enter your homes. You can be as proud as we are.
We found you and you found it in your heart to adopt a battered ball of fruity yogurt
for a quid!

We also find new homes for gluten free battered fish,
chicken nuggets and sausages. Can you help?

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