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Minor menu updates - 5/6/23
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From January 2024, we will only be delivering food via Uber Eats.

Over Christmas 2023, we will be closed on the 26th and 27th - reopening on the 28th and in January 2024, we will be closed for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd - reopening on the 4th. Please Note! Due to the losses incured while utilising Just Eat, we will no longer be using that service and will only be delivering via UBER EATS.

In July 2014 we began Rock and Roe Ltd in Wellingborough. Kam has given full attention to detail in order to deliver first class food to her customers. With this in mind, Kam set about making Wellingborough's Rock and Roe Ltd into a place for all the family with specials for parents, goodies for teens and wacky bits for the kids.


Since March 2012, Olympic Fish Bar started serving Gluten Free food. We brought this to Mill Rd when we moved in and took over the traditional fish bar. Rock and Roe Ltd, Wellingborough serves fish cooked in gluten free batter and from a dedicated fryer where the oils are not 'cross-contaminated' by other products. We also have dedicated fryers for chips, no cross contamination.

Due to the time it takes to prepare and cook gluten free food, we humbly ask that you give us an extra 15-20 minutes with these orders.

Due also to the cost of such 'gluten free' products, we may ask for a slightly higher price. Where able, we will keep our prices the same as our regular prices!

Now, some chip shops only do this on a '1 night a month' basis or only on 'this night each week'! Rock and Roe Ltd will be doing this for you, 5 days, all day, , every week!

What we mean by "GLUTEN FREE"!

A lot of people seem to think that GF means a healthier diet. When we say GLUTEN FREE, we mean its suitable for COELIACS and people with intollerences for wheat. We're not playing and our 12 + year reputation speaks for itself.

  • *Rock and Roe Ltd in Wellingborough offers:-
  • *Ample free parking
  • *Secure, CCTV covered area for your vehicles and kids
  • *Corner shop and watch specialist within shouting distance
Rock and Roe 5 Star Fish Bar Wellingborough.
Constantly since 2014.