Meerkats Declare War

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World's most famouse Meerkat.
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Aleksandr Orlov
World's most famouse Meerkat.
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Meerkats worldwide have declared war on Fish & Chip shops in the UK. The declaration comes about after a Fish & Chip shop in Northamptonshire began serving Meerkat Ribs in BBQ sauce.

Meerkat spokesman for the Federation of Famous Meerkats (FFM) is alleged to have said that Meerkats should not rise up to the call of war but rather, keep things simples!
Meerkat Rib seller for Olympic Fish Bar in Wellingborough Northants is alleged to have said in a statement to the FFM, that Meerkat Ribs would remain on sale until demand drops or Meerkat Manor runs out of supplies.

Meerkats worldwide are expected to demonstrate outside parliament later today calling for an explanation of why the last government abandoded them and for Meerkat rights to be acknowledged.