The Wellingborough Red Necks Page

These are people who after ordering via UberEats have received the food and claimed we missed something after which they claimed back money from UberEats fraudulently. Now I don't really care what they do until it affects me. Then I call in the Police and they are relentless on fraud.

The following videos will be used along with the name of the orderer, the order number, the number of items in the order and it will show the order being packed and handed off to the courier (driver). Each video will be titled
"order name/number IS A FRAUD".
As long as I can get it, the address of the fraudster will be passed on to Uber partners who wish to take action against these turds!

Red Neck Frauds of Wellingborough.


order 3F5E2 for Chantae. She claimed a choc bar was missing!

The order, 2 Jumbo Battered sausages, 1 M-Way, 1 Snikers.

This has now been reported!